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The registration service for animals with a BackHome chip."

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You can easily search the database of lost pets by clicking on the link below and fill in your city. The system will automatically search all lost pets in your area.


If you have found a pet and you do not know who the owner is, you can contact the animal rescue or animal shelter in your area (click on the underlined words to search). Most of the animal rescues have a chipreader and can monitor the animal for the  identificationchip. Even veterinarians have chipreaders.

You can also report the lost pet at the nearest animal Amivedi aid station. Click here for addresses of Amivedi Note: Amivedi records merely lost and found animals and take these animals not on.


Unnecessary many pets are missing every year.
Every year, thousands of cats, dogs and other pets are lost in the Netherlands. A large part of it, especially cats, never finds the way back home. Many of these animals end up in animal shelters through animal ambulance. For animals that are not identified and not registered in a database, it is almost impossible to find the owners! A necklace with an addresslabel seems a good solution, but unfortunately this can be easily lost, especially during the adventures that your pet sometimes makes!

Missing? Found! And reunited with the owner!
Nowadays, there is a unique identification method: the electronic identificationchip. This chip can be easily and practically painlessly placed under the skin of your pet with which the animal has been identified electronically. By registering your and your pets data, the origin of your pet is indeterminate. Due to it’s long name, electronic identification is also called “chipping”. With a chip, your pet is always recognizable, because each chip has its own unique code. The chip is smaller than a eurocent…..

The benefitsmonitor
Electronic identification for pets has benefits.

For example:

  • World wide unique identification code
  • Animal-friendly
  • Unlimited durability of the chip, thereby lifelong identification
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for almost all animal species
  • can be applied at a young age
  • Anti-fraud: The code can never be erased or changed
  • Non-disgusting (invisible)

DATABANK HONDENdatabankHonden-new_02 is the database of de Raad van Beheer, de organisation of dogs studbooks in the Netherlands. This database has been specially set up for the registration of dogs under the government required Dog Identification and Registration. Not only for pedigree dogs, but for all dogs. The main differences between BackHomeclub and the Databank are:

  • is for all animals, including cats, ferrets and other pets. So you manage all your pets on one account.
  • Databank specializes in Dog Registration and is managed by a Dog-specialized organization: de Raad van Beheer.


My pet is missing
On  you can see which database has been registered. If that is at the BackHome Club then you own an account and you can report in the account that your animal is missing.

My pet has passed away
On you can see which database has been registered. If that is at the BackHome Club then you own an account and you can indicate in your account that your animal has passed away or you can send an email to the BackHome Club via the contact form

My pet gets another owner
As a current owner, you must unsubscribe from your account and the new holder must create a new account and sign in the animal on his account.

How can I see if my pet is registered at my account?
On you can see which database has been registered.

What are the costs of a registration?
Since April 1, 2013, it is required to register dogs born, after this date, at an officially recognized database. The registrations are reported to the Ministry of Economic Affairs. This notification has once been an amount of € 3.63 and payment is via I-Deal. One must make a payment if the chip number has not been earlier reported at the Ministry’s database. If a chip number has first been reported to another database, a new registration with the Backhome club and the government report must be paid. This notification also costs € 3.63. In our schedule you can see when one does not have to pay.

How do I find out if I already have an account?
On you can see which database has been registered. If that is at the BackHome Club then you have an account with us and you can request your login information on the site where you need to login.

I have a dog. Should it be required and registered in any database?
Dogs born or introduced after April 1 2013 must be COMPULSORY registered in a recognized database. is such a database and specializes in the registration of dogs only.

What if I have not filled in an email address
If you have not filled in an email address, you can fill in the contact form on the BackHome Club site, and the data will be sent to you..

What if the email address no longer exists
If you have filled in another email address, you can fill in the contact form on the BackHome Club site, and the data will be sent to you.

Forgot to activate the link in email (if the vet has registered the pet)
If the vet has registered your dog or cat then you will receive an email with a link that needs to be activated within 48 hours. If you forget this, you can request the login information by clicking in the login screen: Forgot password? click here.

What to do if my pet is registered an on someone else's account
The previous owner must log out of his or her account so that you can log in to your dog or cat under your own account.

How can I register?
-Go to the website:
-Click on start or change the registration in the pet owner’s login box
-Click on, no account yet
-Fill in the data
-Click on the “Search Street and Location” button and fill in the address details
-If the account is created then you can add the pet.

How can I unsubscribe a registration?
To unsubscribe a pet, sign in on the account. Click on the chipnumber you enter in the animal data. Here you click the “change status” button after that you can change the status to abolish / sell and the registration will disappear from your account.

Can I change all the information by myself in my account
No, you can not change everything yourself, you can not change the chip number, date of birth, gender, or species. All other data you can change yourself.

Can I change my address when I moved?
You can change your address details by yourself if you move. You can change your address information in your account under ‘My Details.’ To get the data correct
To save you must fill in all fields. If the login is no longer known, you can request it by “Forgot password” at the login screen.

Is my pet automatically registered by my vet?
A vet is not required to do the registration for you. The owner of a dog must take care of a chip and that the dog is registered. You must also unsubscribe from the registration when the dog goes to another owner. The same applies for other species.

Can I order a chipreader?
Virbac has a range of chipreaders in the BackHome shop. To read a chip, a reading device (chip reader) is required. These are now in many designs, from a cheap and easy device for the pet owner, to highly advanced devices for professional users.

Available by phone? is an online service. As a result, registration costs can be kept low: in most cases, free of charge. For the registration of dogs, a low, costly rate applies. On weekdays, the help desk is available by telephone.
from 10:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 15:00 on: 0342 – 427 128.


 is available on workingdays from 10:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 15:00 on: 0342 – 427 128